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Kuliah Umum & Workshop 02 (KUW 02)

Senin, 22 Februari 2016

Kuliah Umum: 

Function Makes Fashion: An Introduction to Performance-Based Architecture


Designing High Performance Facade Using OTTV


Human activity in the building is the basis of building design. This lecture will introduce the concept of performance-based architecture. Based on how building occupant functions in the building, a number of performance indicators can be derived. Design options can be explored based on the criteria set by these performance indicators. The design decision becomes more objective and intuitive because there is always a clear basis for every decision. The lecture will also address some of the concerns from the architects, that by following a design process that is biased towards engineering like the performance-based architecture, the aesthetics elements will be gone and the creative process will be restrictive. Some examples will be presented that functional, high performance buildings do not have to look ugly. On the contrary, the performance criteria will guide the design process so that the final iteration of the design is thermally comfortable, visually appealing and acoustically superb, while at the same time it is still relevant in supporting human functions in the building.


Dr. Ery Djunaedy (ITB, NUS, TU/e)
Building Energy Expert, Chief Scientist of Airkon Pratama Jakarta, Former The University of Idaho Researcher

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